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   Northwest Best Soil Builder & Top Dressing

 When used to amend our Northwest soils, the ingredients in Northwest Best™ Soil Builder and Top Dressing have the unique ability to break up heavy soils to aid drainage and retain moisture in fast draining soils to reduce watering requirements. In either case the plant’s root system will respond with a denser branching pattern providing a solid foundation for a thriving top. 100% organic, Northwest Best™ Soil Builder and Top Dressing actually changes the soil structure and because of slow decomposition, will work for you over a long period of time.  When used in an intensely cultivated area like a vegetable or annual garden, yearly additions of Northwest Best™ Soil Builder and Top Dressing will reward you with a very friable, workable, and fresh smelling soil plot that you and your plants will love.





   Northwest Best Potting Soil

The function of a good potting soil is to create a growing medium that balances the twin requirements of water retention and aeration. Plants need oxygen as well as moisture to support life, and Northwest Best™ Potting Soil has been blended to provide the optimum balance of both for plant health. Developed in Northwest labs, every attempt has been made to create a formula that will reward our Northwest gardeners. To ensure product consistency, regular and frequent batch testing is run during the production process.


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