NNBA Employee Training with "The Retail Doctor"

NNBA member this is a great event to start off the season with your employees.  Here is what they will learn:

How to Get Rid of Being An Order Taker And Position Your Staff to Sell

Stressed about 2012 industry and economic unknowns? Discover the keys of how to get in the driver’s seat and arrive at a profitable destination.  Building and expanding on the Five Parts to a Successful Sale presented to members last fall, the Retail Doctor will share his secrets for doubling retail sales. 

Attendees will learn to how to sell from confidence including:

  • How to adapt their communication style to customers’
  • The worst thing to ask a customer and what to do instead
  • Why using a prop isn't just for a play and how it can get customers to open up to you
  • The power of a store tour and the elements of a successful one.
  • What to say to get customers to treat you as a person, and which makes them avoid you like the plague.
  • The one question that gets 'em to tell you their wants.
  • How to filter choices so you don't overwhelm a customer
  • Why, "Anything else?" is not an option.
  • How to maintain self-esteem
  • How to train and mentor employees
  • And much more....

Join us for a day with the Retail Doctor to answer your most pressing questions, experience positive learning environment and watch your sales grow this season

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