Bailey Nurseries launches digital iniatives to connect with consumers

Bailey Nurseries launches digital iniatives to connect with consumers

The social media, text and other strategies focus on educating and entertaining current and potential customers.

Bailey Nurseries is using texts, social media and even Pandora, an online music streaming station, to better connect with, educate and entertain consumers.

About a year ago, the company introduced customers and the industry to Amy and Luke Oeth, a real-life couple with lots of home improvement experience but not much confidence in the garden. Amy Oeth works for GdB Agency, a PR and advertising firm that represents Bailey Nurseries’ brands, including First Editions Plants. The agency was brainstorming ways that Bailey could encourage customers, especially newbie gardeners, to get over their cultivating fears and get started. The other goal was to teach people how to pair plants in the landscape — another hurdle for the inexperienced.

Videos of real-life people navigating new landscaping projects were pitched, and the agency decided that the Oeths were the perfect couple for the task.  Read more...

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