How It Works

NNBA is a buying cooperative. By pooling the purchases of all our members we are able to obtain better volume discounts from our vendors. These discounts are passed through directly to the members bottom line. Since the cooperative is member owned any profits generated by the cooperative are distributed to the members.

Because purchases are central billed and the cooperative guarantees payments for members purchases, vendors do not need to run credit checks on each member. Vendors are assured payment on time according to terms for all of the members.

Members can purchase from any NNBA vendor with the assurance that the vendor has met strict guidelines for product quality, pricing and service. The NNBA office provides a single point of contact to aid in resolving any issues that might arise between member and vendor.

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NNBA is proud to be associated with:


Northwest Best Brand


NNBA formulates a line of high quality fertilizers and soils for use exclusively by members.

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